Advent – Time for “Holiday Parties” or Little Lent?

Fr. Cliff Ermatinger

December 3, 2021

“But except you do penance, you shall all likewise perish.” —Luke 13:5 My childhood hero was Bishop Ignatius Kung. We were told of his heroic suffering as a prisoner. The Chinese Communists (the same ones who recently gifted us with a man-made virus), permitted him to leave his solitary confinement of thirty years if he…

How to Advance in Holiness: Lectio Divina

Fr. Cliff Ermatinger

November 3, 2021

How do we advance in holiness? This not an impractical question. The Church teaches us that we have three necessary means of salvation and, those same, according to degree, attain holiness: sacramental grace, prayer, and virtue. All three pistons have to be running in unison for the motor of the spiritual organism to advance. By…

Battle Ready: No Mental Prayer, No Holiness

Fr. Cliff Ermatinger

October 1, 2021

“Nonne militia est vita hominis super terram, et sicut dies mercennarii dies eius?” —Job 7:1, Vulgate The book of Job asks, “Is not the life of man on earth warfare, and are not his days like that of a hireling?”  He seems to think that the answer is obvious, since the question is less a…